The First CSPO in Israel in 2012: 27-28 February 2012

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You’ve got an idea of what AgileScrum is, and have read a few articles or books on the topic, but you really don’t know how to start putting that theory into action.

That’s where the Certified Scrum Product Owner program comes in. The CSPO course gives you just enough information to understand how Scrum works, but focuses mainly on functioning as the product owner, or customer, for a Scrum team. You will learn the practices necessary to succeed as a product owner. This includes the product owner duties, the role’s authority, and its interaction with the other Scrum roles and stakeholders such as customers, users, sales, marketing, and management. You will understand how product planning, product discovery and product definition work in Scrum including taking advantage of early customer feedback and emergent requirements. The course also teaches you how to turn a product vision into a successful product by forecasting the project progress,grooming the product backlog, and effectively collaborating with the ScrumMaster and team in the sprint meetings. This interactive course teaches practical techniques through instructions and hands-on exercises.

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Haim holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences of the Technion, is a certified Project Manager and Program Manager by the Technion. He was certified in 2007 as an MCI (Master Coach Isreali) by ICA (Israeli Coaching Association) and the Technion, as well as an EMCI (Executive Master Coach Israeli).

Haim has been practicing SCRUM since 2005 he was certified as a SCRUM Master on 2006, Visual appeal in this case ssn dob paypal without hesitation. received his Practitioner certification (CSP) in 2007, and since October 2008, become a Certified Scrum Coach, being the first and only CSC in Israel and in France.



Haim is helping as a consultant and a coach with a proven success, organizations in french speaking countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland) and in Israel to recover control over the highly uncertain world of Software development. He already helped tens companies, hundreds teams and thousands professionals.

Haim is a recognized speaker in many  IT conferences including Israeli PMI, ITC Forum and more. Haim is the developer of “The Bug Budget model”, the “Velocity Model” and lately of the “Quality Spirale” model



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